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Everything you can imagine is real.

A person with Charakter acts according to their “Character” and not according to what is beneficial. They care for their honor, keep their word and do not change their opinion and attitude based on their surroundings. We were established as a group of people who love our work. We will not start telling you about the craft of a barbershop and what it involves, but we’d rather invite you to Štěpánská 59, Prague 1, so you can make your own opinion. You can visit us without an appointment, but it is safer to make a reservation.

Tips with Character: How to Keep Your Hair and Beard in Perfect Condition
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At Barber Shop Charakter, we understand that each of us has unique needs when it comes to hair and beard care. Respecting your individuality, we would like to offer you some tried and tested tips and recommendations to keep your hair and beard in good condition so that you feel good and look natural.

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Frequently asked questions.

How to make a reservation ?

Once you have chosen a service or a preferred barber, you can either stop at our salon, or call us at +420 703 331 118 or email with more detailed information at your preferred date. Thanks to that, we can handle your request as quickly as possible.

Payment options ?

We accept only cash. There is an ATM directly opposite the salon.

Do you have our gift voucher ?

We have a gift box for you in the form of a voucher, incl. storing box which all together will look ideal as a gift. The voucher is in the form of a chip and can be recharged at any amount. Either you can charge directly for a particular service that can be selected from our services or any amount of cash and the gifted person can choose the service either for cutting or tattooing, or even to use it several times. It is best to go directly and personally at the reception, where we will be happy to assist you. It can be addressed remotely by email, by mail delivery with cash on delivery or transfer to our account.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes we do accept customers without reservation, but the best is to make one to avoid possible waiting.